1. We found our happy place. (at Avenue Henri-Julien)

  2. Same thing, different city. Work date with @adventuresofjessicalee (at Caffè In Gamba)

  3. See you soon, Mtl. I still have some slots open for sessions on Friday and Saturday, DM me if you want to meet up for a shoot ✌️

  4. How to Kill Time Before Client Meetings (an autobiography) (at Price Waterhouse Coopers)

  5. Low key admin/meetings day. Take me here if you know what’s good. (at E.L.Ruddy Co. Café)

  6. The Scene (II) - I’m going to be in Montreal this weekend. Looking for photogs and models to meet up with/shoot. Get in touch! ✉️ hello@pamlau.com

  7. Cheetah Girls on Flickr.

  8. Sundays Feels (pt. IV)

  10. Head shots in the studio today with this lovely lady. We’ve been working on projects together for years and years.

  11. brb in editing purgatory

  12. fuckyeahtoronto:

    Chanel on the Danforth (during Art of the Danforth) by Pam Lau

  13. The Scene on Flickr.

  14. Sunday Feels (pt. III) - this is getting progressively weirder and weirder.