1. The Scene on Flickr.

  2. Sunday Feels (pt. III) - this is getting progressively weirder and weirder.

  4. Actor head shots in the studio today with @kayyfan. Love working with this girl!

  6. Chanel on the Danforth

  7. Hi.

  8. Out There on Flickr.

    Taken on set - shoot for WeSell Socks.

  9. Moody lighting at today’s performance shoot with Mary Lambert. She is the sweetest thing! She came in to the studio giving hugs to all the staff.

  10. untitled on Flickr.

    Client: Katherine Hague/ShopLocket

  11. The Long Way on Flickr.

    Client: ShopLocket

  12. Hit refresh. (at Harbourfront)

  13. Out Here on Flickr.

    Client: ShopLocket

    Hair and makeup by Cassie Kurtz

  14. Sunday Feels (pt. II)

  15. fuckyeahtoronto:

    I See What You See (taken at Art of the Danforth) by Joshua Advincula and Pam Lau